How To Download Tiktok Video On Pc

Download Tiktok Videos On Pc


Scrolling down your tiktok may surely stop your eyes over a few videos that you like, and you want to watch them again and again. Unless you have a connection to the internet, you will have to download them. It is simple to download the video on your mobile, but you undoubtedly require some tips to Download tiktok videos on PC.

Tiktok is surely a fulfilling experience for many people who don’t want to laugh watching tiktok videos. The videos are of different genres: happy, sad, funny, tutorials, and much more. A person who once scrolls down the tiktok will end up watching plenty of videos.

Why Should One Download Tiktok Videos On Pc?

Before discussing the critical point of downloading tiktok videos on your PC, let’s ask yourself why there is an urge to download tiktok videos on your PC?

Let’s address this question below:

There are plenty of reasons that urge you to download tiktok videos on your PC so that you can see them anytime you want without any hurdle. Tiktok always comes up with unique and trending videos that are so much fun to watch. People who are addicted to watching tiktok videos can easily relate to it.

Unfortunately, the app does not have an offline version where you can see the videos without an internet connection. After downloading the video, you can easily do so.

Also, it becomes irritating quite a few times when you like a video, and you need to share it with someone, and you have to opt for the links for those specific videos rather than directly sending the actual video. So, when the video is downloaded, you can easily send it to anyone.

Tiktok has a wide range of videos you can watch and share regularly. Not only does it contain funny videos but a range of videos that never lets you get bored.

Additionally, although tiktok allows you to download someone’s videos, it doesn’t necessarily mean you use it for an illicit purpose. If you see a cooking video and want to download the video to cook the recipe later, you can surely go ahead. But downloading a video to defame someone is not fair by any means.

How To Download Tiktok Video On Pc?

Unlike tiktok on android and iOS apps, you cannot download it easily on your PC. The download button is always available on mobile phones. Third-party services are needed to download it to your PC.

You can download your favorite video with our third-party app. Furthermore, you can open our website—also open tiktok in the next window. Besides, to download the video, you will require the tiktok link you need to download. First, share the link and then copy it.

A box will appear on your webpage, and you can paste the link. Now click on the download button. You can either download the video into mp3 format or mp4 format, and it is totally up to you.

You can finally watch the video on your computer’s download folder. You can not download your desired video directly on your PC through tiktok. To download videos of your choice, we provide you with a free tool.

In essence, our website is highly compatible with PCs, and you will face zero obstacles while downloading your favorite video.

How To Use Tiktok On A Pc?

Using tiktok on mobile phone and PC are two different things. With the tiktok app, you can easily access your account. While it is a bit complicated to use on the PC, you can still use it once you know the correct method.

However, watching a tiktok video on your phone can tire your neck; you can take a break from your phone while enjoying the same videos on your PC. Furthermore, it is not that you will be deprived of some of the interesting tiktok features on the PC, but you will equally enjoy watching the videos of your type.

Tiktok- A Versatile Video-Watching Experience

You can definitely open tiktok on your desktop. The desktop version is quite similar to that of the mobile version. Additionally, the tiktok desktop users have all those features available that the mobile users have, such as like, comment, share, and many more. On the desktop, you will see suggestions for the accounts you can follow on the left menu. Hence, you can do everything on tiktok, just like a mobile user. Also, the same menu shows the accounts you follow and portrays the trending videos and hashtags that must not go unnoticed.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Download Tiktok Videos On Your Pc

Watching tiktok videos on a bigger screen can be pretty soothing for you. Moreover, you can follow the steps below to download your favorite videos on your PC to enjoy the bigger version of the videos.

While downloading tiktok videos from Pipsok, you are on the safe track. You will have to encounter no virus or anything that may damage your PC. Besides that, we ensure the best tool for you so you can enjoy your favorite videos that are trending. Even more, you can download as many videos as you want. It is just that you need to follow the correct method to download the videos. It’s all about copying the link of the video that you want to download and pasting it in the right place, and you will instantly get it downloaded on your PC.


  • Downloading tik tok videos requires you to first choose them
  • Click “Share” once you’ve selected the video you want to share
  • To copy the link, click the “copy link” button

Step 2:

  • The next step is to find the video you want to download and download it
  • Then open and paste the copied link there
  • Click on “Download” now.
  • Your video will be displayed immediately

Step 3:

  • However, if you wait to download the video locally, you can instantly press the “Download” button
  • Also, there is a “dropbox” button available which you can indeed click on and get the videos saved in your dropbox account
  • Your videos will be downloaded in the Downloads folder on your computer


Tiktok is a trending app these days. People spend their leisure time watching videos on tiktok. Moreover, it is pretty easy to download eye-catching videos on the mobile, but on the contrary, you don’t get any download option on your PC. So we provide you with a free tool that helps you do so. For those without stable internet connections, you can download videos and watch them later.

Tiktok is the best application to spend leisure time on. It comprises different types of videos. Moreover, while scrolling down, some videos can attract you, and you would want to download them on your mobile or PC. The videos are easily downloaded on a mobile phone because a download option is available.

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